About us

About Thuiszorg Kardelen

Thuiszorg Kardelen is a home care company, managed by people with many years of experience in this industry.

The name Kardelen comes from Turkish, meaning ‘sneeuwklokje’ in the Dutch language. It is a strong flower species that blooms only in winter conditions. Even with snow and icy coldness, the flower survives with its strong urge to see sunlight.

The mentality of this flower also characterizes our company's vision. We work for better times for us and our customers by providing a comprehensive service package.

Thuiszorg Kardelen represents proper care as a personal, respectful and expert. His specialty is maintenance.

You are important in Thuiszorg Kardelen and so your requests are very important. Thuiszorg Kardelen is a young organization that focuses mainly on multicultural special target groups. We derive our reason for existence from the great need for care that focuses on cultural backgrounds. This separates Thuiszorg Kardelen from Dutch home care organizations. We not only have experience and expertise, but we can also provide special care by knowing Turkish / Dutch languages.

We invite you to review our services, we are ready for your care with our team that can meet your needs.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us..